T Shirt Holiday Design

by  Rene Remero Rene is one of the most talented t shirt artist I know of and I thank him for letting me publish this on howtoairbrush.com. Supplies used- Createx airbrush colors, Paasche VL double action airbrush, t shirt board, spray glitter t shirt design   Here is a fun … Continue reading

Sheet Metal RC Design

by Chris Duzenberry Chris is an art major who up until 2 years ago was allowing his talent to play second fiddle to his career as a Communications Engineer . Taking TeamDuze online changed the focus to the customizing and detailing of R/C vehicles, helmets , and shippable items. His … Continue reading

Painting My First Bike

By Gary Fredericks As the title says this is the first motorcycle I have painted. This is just the beginning as I will add some airbrush work later this year as well as fades and highlights into the existing flames, and an outline pinstripe. After a few months of consulting … Continue reading

Painting Pin Up Tank

Pin up on motorcycle tank tutorial hopefully explains the method I used to paint a Yamaha fuel tank with a bomber theme. We decided to call it “Triple Trouble” because the bike has 3 cylinders and 3 bullet holes in the design. By Ashley Brayson Materials used in this tutorial: Paints … Continue reading

Painting Motorcycle Tribal, Tiger Design

by Ashley Brayson https://www.facebook.com/AshleyBrayson I picked up my first airbrush in 1998 after a lot of research. Initially I just wanted to paint mirror frames using simple stencil techniques and fades. It wasn’t long before I realised the potential of this tool and I started to read articles in magazines. … Continue reading

Making Airbrush Stencil With Computer

By Brad DeLaTorre Supplies required: Computer, Printer, Scanner, X-acto Knife, Paper, Spray Adhesive, Clothes Pins, Double Action Airbrush, Createx Paint, Masking Tape First, I will scan a business card logo in order to crop and resize the image to fit perfectly on three hats I’m working on for a small business. … Continue reading

Lion Helmet Airbrush How To

This article will cover rendering a lion on the back of a motorcycle helmet using techniques borrowed from other forms of airbrushing, illustration mostly. It is also a good study on why you should never give up on a design and see it thru to completion. Written by Don Johnson, … Continue reading

Jordan On Black T Shirt

by Dainon Woudstra   portrait one Michael Jordan This design begins with yellow chalk outlines that have been blown out with an airbrush at 25psi. The design needs no borders but I would like the sleeves to be kept black. There for, masking off the seam in the sleeves is … Continue reading

An Introduction to Airbrushing Skin Tones

By Kevin Mayes Painting the human skin can be intimidating, to say the least. There are several things to take into consideration when painting the skin. Light always is the first to consider. Is the light natural or artificial. This makes a huge difference in the colors of the skin. Shadows–are they cool or … Continue reading

Fire How To

Learn how to paint fire with Brads great article “Fire How To” The trick to fire is accomplished with a ton of practice and patience. I have done 300 license plates worth of practice, studied everyone’s fire, studied real fire, studied different colors, have done countless helmets, and the list … Continue reading