Easy Light Box

Easy light box tutorial will cover using the common house hold widow as a light box to help you draw your design. Light boxes are used to help you trace designs and are just one of the many artist tools available to those who are drawing challenged. Written by Don Johnson and brought to you by Airbrush Technique Magazine.Here’s a little trick for those of you who lack in the drawing skills department that won’t cost you a thing. As you progress with your airbrushing skills and knowledge I think you’ll find your drawing skills become sharper, it’s just a matter of repetition and practice. Until you gain confidence with your ability to draw here is an easy solution for you to come up with your design out line from which to airbrush the design.

Won’t you know it soon as I get the camera out to take these two pictures a cloud rolls in, just my luck I guess. This works much better on a window where the sunlight is better than that when I took the pictures below but it will show you enough to be able to use this technique.

picture to be traced

Find a sunny window in your house to which to attach your image as I have pictured above.


tracing the picture

Tape a piece of tracing paper over your design and simply trace the out line of your design. The window and sunlight act as a simple light box allowing you to better see your image to trace it. Simple, easy stuff and I hope it helps you with your next airbrush project.

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