Fixing a Airbrush Broken Fluid Nozzle

Fixing a Airbrush Broken Fluid Nozzle

Fixing a airbrush broken fluid nozzle tutorial covers fixing a screw in type airbrush fluid nozzle that was broken due to over tightening. It doesn’t take much to snap a fluid nozzle off during nozzle replacement and this how to article covers how you go about fixing that. Written by Don Johnson, brought to you by Airbrush Technique Magazine

“Break that airbrush tip or nozzle off did you?”

Well don’t feel alone anyone who has used an airbrush with a screw in tip (picture #1) for any length of time has most likely done the same thing. It’s very easy to do when replacing a screw in tip or nozzle using the little wrench the airbrush company provides with the airbrush. Over tighten it just a little and it will break the tip or nozzle off leaving the threads inside the airbrush body.(picture #2) The easiest way I have found to fix this is to use the tip of your X acto knife (picture #3); by carefully inserting it into where those threads remain in the airbrush body and turning the X acto knife just like you would the tip. Left/ to loosen, right / tighten remember. Do not make matters worse by using alot of force when inserting the tip of the X acto knife and striping the threads, gently insert the tip of the X acto. This nine times out of ten will turn that part of the broken tip/nozzle right out of the airbrush, after which you replace it with a new tip. Careful this time not to over tighten, breaking it off again.
Airbrushes with screw in fluid nozzles include Iwata Airbrushes , Badger Airbrushes, Grex are a few brands. Paassche are usually floating fluid nozzles so this will not apply.

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