Fixing A Bent Airbrush Needle

Fixing a bent airbrush needle tutorial covers fixing a bent airbrush needle easily and quickly. Bending the tip on your airbrush needle happens no matter how careful you are from time to time. No need to get all of of sorts there is an easy fix for this and thats what we will cover in this article. Don Johnson- sponsored by Airbrush Technique Magazine.

On this page you will find examples of “how To” fix a bent needle tip.

Here are a few Airbrush Tech tips to help with that bent tip on your needle. I hope you find them helpful.


fixing bent airbrush needle

You’ll find some of the new airbrushes coming out of Asia, China the needles bend very easy it seems where the Paasche and Iwata, Badger are not quit so prone to bending easily.

Using a magnifying glass will help you check the very tip of your needle as pictured above to ensure the tip of the needle is not bent.


checking airbrush needle

If it is just a case of the needle tip having a slight burr on it you can use a fine knife sharpening stone to polish the burr off.


airbrush needle

For a needle with more than a slight burr on it the use of two quarters works nicely to straighten the needle tip out once again.


fixing bent airbrush needles

Place the quarters between your thumb and index finger as pictured above. Insert the bent needle tip between the two quarters; now apply pressure to the two quarters as you pull the needle out of the two quarts while turning the needle shaft round and round using the index and thumb of the hand holding the needle shaft. ( you want to spin the needle as you pull it out in other words) You might have to repeat this process several times but over the years I have had great luck straightening bent needle tips out in this fashion and I believe you will also.

Below is a airbrush video that covers the above bent needle fix.

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