Flames, Stripes Design Airbrush Video

In this short airbrush video we will be taking a look at Trident water based paint.Airbrushing some blue flames with stars and red white stripe behind it on a licanse plate.I chose this design to test the Trident paint as therte will be a lot of masking, back masking involved. This video is intended for those fairly new to airbrushing showing the progrssive steps in painting a design like this. It also is one of the first times I have used Trident water based paint so we will be taking a look at just how well it works. Happy to say the Trident paint performed perfectly and not a speck of paint lifted with all the masking I did.The ;icense plate was just scuffed , cleaned and painted. Hope you enjoy this video. Keep in mind please the colors in this video look darker than they really where the just the nature of video. The less paint you use the better the out come will be.

It’s just paint, relax and have fun with it. Don



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