Heat Setting Airbrush T Shirts Video

If you are airbrushing T Shirts from home and don’t own a heat press here is a way to heat set your shirts. ┬áPlease read the tech sheet for the paint you are using as to what they recommend. This is the hard way to heat set your artwork but it will work if done correctly. I’ve never seen the clothes dry heat setting technique work but you can give it a try.


heat setting t shirts

For Createx Paint:

Fabric– Including 100% cotton, 50/50 blends, denim, sweatshirts, and most natural fibers.
1) For best results, wash item first to remove sizing and mill finishes.
2) Airbrush the design onto fabric avoiding thick buildup of paint and excessive paint layering.
3) Allow colors to dry, or a heat gun may be used to accelerate drying time. Drying time varies depending on application.
4) Heat set fabric for permanence by one of the following methods: a) Iron for 2 minutes at 300┬║ F use a protective cloth, keep iron moving. b) Turn item inside out and put in clothes dryer for 40 minutes at highest heat.

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