Iwata HP-C Airbrush

Iwata HP-C airbrush tutorial covers putting the Iwata HP-C back together again after taking it apart to clean it, It’s easy taking airbrushes apart to clean them but sometimes a bit difficult to get back together.  I put this article together for those that own Iwata HP-C  or the like  as this holds true with most Iwata gravity feed airbrushes.


Iwata HP-C parts

Well getting your Iwata HP-C apart was no problem :-), now you have to put it back together so it works correctly. Below I have listed the steps you would take to do that. This also applies to the Iwata HP-B and HP-A airbrushes.


Iwata HP-C inside parts


HP-C spring

Pictured above: You will see on the Needle Chucking Guide that it has a flat spot that runs the length of the shaft, this spot aligns with a matching part inside the body of the airbrush. First we will put the Needle Spring on and than slide the Needle Chucking Guide over the Needle Spring. You will end up with what looks like the bottom picture above.


HP-C Chucking nut

Pictured above: Next push the Spring Guide forward ( this will compress the Needle Spring )and put the Needle Chucking Nut on by screwing it on the end of the Needle Chucking Guide. Hand tight as you will be loosening it again soon when you insert the Needle into the airbrush.


HP-C air valve
install trigger

Pictured above: The very top picture we are looking down on your HP-C . The slotted area is where you will insert the auxiliary lever and trigger. You can see the top of the Air Valve , the airbrush trigger will sit on top of this valve. When you push down on your trigger it opens that spring loaded valve allowing air flow.

First we are going to put the Auxiliary lever in ( small picture might help explain this) You want the curve in that Auxiliary Lever to face the back of the airbrush just as pictured above. Hold it by the top turn it side ways , insert it and turn it so the curve faces the back of the airbrush. Just rest it against the back of the airbrush body for now.


HP-C trigger
HP-C trigger


spray lube

Pictured above: A side view of your HP-C with the Auxiliary Lever installed. You can just see the top of the Auxiliary Lever sticking out of the airbrush. The trigger is next and we will insert it just as it is pictured above. Keep the airbrush slightly tilited back wards so the Auxiliary Lever stays in place , resting against the back of the slotted area of the body of the airbrush. Once the trigger is in turn it 45 degrees and put in in place on top of the Air Valve. Check its in properly by pushing down on the trigger it should spring right back up. Now tilt the airbrush forward and the Auxiliary Lever should move to rest on back of the Trigger.

Next you can put the Needle Chucking Guide in ( also called the tube shank in some Iwata airbrushes) Be sure to put a very thin coat of Spray Gun lube on the Needle Chucking Spring Guide before installing it. Line the flat spot on the Needle Chucking Guide with the flat spot inside the body of the airbrush. The very end of this ( Needle Chucking Guide assemble) will come to rest on the back side of the trigger. Screw the Chucking Guide into the body of the airbrush hand tight.


putting needle back in


installing nozzle and air cap

Pictured above: At this point you might want to install the Needle in about half way thorough the body of the airbrush. The Needle is all that holds the Trigger and Auxiliary Lever from falling out if you tip the airbrush up side down . Just insert it enough so it goes thorough the Trigger and tighten the Needle Chucking Nut. Be sure to apply a thin film of the Spray Gun Lube on the needle before inserting it.

Next we will put the Tip in. This screws into the body of the airbrush, a small wrench is supplied with your HP-C but take care using it as the tips are very easy to snap off leaving the threaded part on the body. I just hand tighten the tip and than very gently tighten it a touch more with the wrench.

With the tip in place next screw on the Nozzle Cap, again only hand tight is fine. Now screw the Needle Cap on, hand tight.


install back handle

Pictured above: Loosen the Chucking Nut and push the needle in all the way. Do so gently until you feel the needle rest in the tip. Screw the Back Handle on and your done. That was easy was it not?

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