Learning How To Airbrush

Learning how to airbrush will show just how important the simple dot is, airbrushing is all about the dot in fact. 🙂

No doubt you found your way here to this article because you are interested in learning how to airbrush, kustom paint. I hear most often from folks who are brand to airbrushing or those who at some point bought airbrush equipment found it to frustrating trying to learn and the equipment was stuff into the closet. Either way I’m here to provide you with a bit of guidance to finding your way thru what can be the maze of information about airbrushing. I’m sure I can get you up and airbrushing, kustom painting just like the thousands of others I have helped over the last fifteen plus years.

No matter what it is you want to airbrush, custom paint the steps you must go thru to learn how to use your airbrush are the same. No matter the type of paint you are using water based, solvent based, no matter the type of airbrush; single action or double action learning the basic fundamentals of how to get your airbrush and mind (creative side) in sync are the same.


dots and lines


I’m not going to try and mislead you here learning the fundamentals can be a bit on the boring side but as I’m about to show you it’s a chance to let your creative side take over.

I have to give a big thank you to T Shirt guru Rene Romero for providing the images for this article. Rene is one of the best T Shirt airbrush artist on the planet in my book and I’m honored to have his help for this article.

Other tutorials on this web site cover airbrush equipment and basic airbrush lessons #1 thru #5 so here I want to cover the some examples of what could be referred to as the most basic of all airbrush strokes; dots, lines and dagger strokes. In lesson #1 will go thru in detail just how to go about getting your airbrush to create these airbrush strokes here I want to try and convey just how important they are and why you need to take the time to practice, learn them.


airbrush dots


not like this

Pictured above you see a picture of airbrushed dots and lines; the top picture is of the simple dot done correctly the bottom picture is of course the dot not done correctly. In the bottom picture too much paint was applied causing the paint to spider web which is cool if that’s the effect we where looking to create but in this case we where looking to make perfect dots. The dot as simple as it might look is the beginning of most of the basic airbrush strokes you’ll need to learn in order to master the airbrush. If you where to magnify any airbrush painting you’d see it actually is made of thousands and thousands of tiny, tiny dots which are produced as the paint is atomized via your airbrush. For that matter if you where to magnify the dot you just airbrushed you’d see the same thing tiny, tiny dots of paint making up your dot. So as you can see the dot is fundamental in rendering any and all airbrush art work taking the time to learn how to create perfect dots is fundamental to your learning to unleash your creativity using your airbrush.

When I asked Rene to provide you with an example of just how powerful the dot can be and how you can turn practicing airbrushing a simple dot into some fun below is what he came up with. I think you’ll agree from the simple dot some very amazing art work can be created. (click on small image to see bigger view).

clint eastwood painting


clint eastwood 2


eastwood painting step 3


clint eastwood step 4

Hopefully you now have a new appreciation for the simple dot and how important it is to your mastering the airbrush. by Don Johnson with art work by Rene Romero

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