Making Airbrush T Shirt Stencils

Making airbrush t shirt stencil tutorial covers materials used to make your own airbrush t shirt stencils and the techniques to go about making them.

Airbrushing T Shirts is fun and can be very profitable as a hobby or a full time job. To make stencils for airbrush t shirts where you will be using the stencil repeatedly the best material to use is pennant felt stenciling material. Written by Don Johnson brought to you by Airbrush Technique Magazine

Where using card board, plastic, x-ray film as stencil material can get pretty messy as they will not absorb the excess paint pennant felt will. A huge advantage when using a stencil for airbrushing t shirts as you don’t have to worry about the excess paint getting on your t shirt.

stencil material
stencil material

Pennant felt is sold in rolls by the yard and is about two dollars a yard at the time I wrote this. That is a fairly cheap for stencil material that you can use over and over and not have worry about cleaning. When your stencil gets to much paint on it you just toss it and make another.

Above you can see some of the t shirt stencils I have used cut out of pennant felt, a horse, clouds, circle. On the right are some temp tattoo stencils I cut out of pennant felt, pennant felt works great for that application also.


thin material

Pennant felt is a felt like thin material that is very easy to cut and is flexible.


cloud stencil

Here you can see the cloud stencil I cut out of pennit felt.


tools to cut stencils

Pennant felt can be cut easily with a hobby knife or stencil burner.


spray adhesive

Once you have your pennant felt stencil cut it can be held in place on the t shirt with repositionable spray adhesive.Be sure to allow the spray adhesive to dry a little before sticking it on the shirt for best results.You can purchase pennant felt at some craft stores locally, if that is not possible here are two other outlets that sell pennant felt.The Felt People where you can order On-Line or Troy Corporation at 800-888-2400 Hope you found this helpful. Have fun, it’s just paint.

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