Masking Helmet Trim

Masking helmet trim is always a pain to accomplish I’ve experimented with dozens of ways of dealing with helmet trim this is the way I’ve found works best. For high dollar helmet designs I more times than not remove the trim replacing it with new trim but for the average helmet paint job this works great. I have to thank Pat (aka airbrushguy) for turning me onto using the fine line tape technique.

helmet trim 1

Using 1/8 inch fine line tape ( I prefer the purple plastic tape for this) run it around the ever top of the rubber bottom trim. Using your finger nail roll the fine line tape under the trim. When running your fine line tape you want it even or just over lapping onto the helmet a very, very small amount. Make sure you get ALL the fine line tape rolled under, leaving any over lapping on the helmet will cause problems at the finish of the project so be sure to double check this.


masking visor area

Next you want to close up the visor space, seal it off when a good grade masking tape. I use a plastic spreader to work the tape in against the rubber trim than cut off the excess that over laps onto the helmet.



protecting inside of helmet

Next step is to protect the inside of the helmet, for this I use a plastic bag like you get at grocery store.


protecting the inside
protecting inside helmet

sing the plastic spreader again I work the plastic bag down between the helmet padding and helmet providing a good seal so no paint gets inside the helmet.


helmet trim

Now I run a single row of tape over lapping the rubber trim and plastic bag. Keep it off the fine line tape thought…


masking helmet trim

Lastly one more row of masking tape this time over lapping the fine line tape. I do this so when I need to use two coats of clear I can remove the fine line tape between clear coats with out removing the bag protecting the inside of the helmet. After you clear the helmet you’ll want to pull that last row of masking tape and the fine line tape BEFORE the clear dries. This allows the clear to flow a bit and provides a nice seal between the helmet and rubber trim. When I have to clear coat, wet sand to knock down the edges on graphics before I apply the last coat of clear I apply the fine line tape/masking tape again.

Using this technique you should end up with a nice clean looking junction between the rubber trim and helmet. I hope you found this helpful….

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