Mastering Airbrush Dagger Stroke Video

dagger stroke
examples of dagger strokes

Master Airbrush Dagger Stroke – Before you can custom paint, add art work to that Harley, hot rod, canvas, t-shirt, helmet you’ll need to master the basic’s of airbrushing.

Mastering the airbrush dagger stroke is key to mastering those basics of airbrushing. The airbrush dagger stroke is used to render grass, hair, fur, lettering, eye lash, star’s and much more, it’s one of the most useful basic technique used in all types of airbrushing.

Come to grips with airbrushing dagger strokes so that it’s second nature and you will have learned to command your airbrush to apply paint where you want, when you want with the desired effect making airbrushing anything much easier.

Pictured above as a reference for you the two dragger stroke examples on the left are incorrectly done while five on the right are done correctly.

The written version of How To Airbrush A Dagger stroke can be found on this page: HOW TO AIRBRUSH A DAGGER STROKE

Airbrush Supplies Required:

Double action airbrush, news print or other type of airbrush practice paper, one bottle black airbrush ready paint Golden Airbrush Colors, Createx Illustration Paint

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