Monster Truck Mural

Monster truck mural tutorial covers  how I airbrushed the murals on the monster truck Bad News Travels Fast for the owners and Mattel Toys. Although I the article was originally published on 2005 the information, techniques used are still very relevant to today’s airbrushing and custom painting. This project was a lot of work but it was a real blast to see the truck out crushing cars at the monster truck shows. This article appeared in issue #4 of Airbrush Technique Magazine in 2005 and is in PDF format for easy reading and downloading if you care to save it.

monster truck mural
monster truck

What I used to paint the murals: House of Kolor basecoats, Iwata airbrushes, transfer tape, 3M masking tape, fine line tape.

CLICK HERE to read the article

airbrush magazine issue 4

Airbrush Technique magazine Issue #4 CLICK HERE for more info

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