Motorcycle Gas Tank Trick

Motorcycle gas tank trick tutorial covers a little trick for masking off the gas filler hole on a motorcycle tank when painting the tank. Written by Don Johnson brought to you by Airbrush Technique Magazine.

Kustom painting for a living how much better can life get? Being able to work our own hours, playing in paint all day, creating until your hearts content; cool deal.

But a last before we get to play, be creative there’s the reality of prep work and the dreaded countless hours of masking, taping areas, objects off so no paint creeps in those areas. It’s boring even writing about it much less spending countless hours actually doing it.

Here’s a little trick I picked up along the way to make the task go a little quicker, make life a little simpler less stressful if you will. One of the worst areas on motorcycle gas tanks to mask off are those holes where the gauges are inserted and the gas filler hole. These areas should stay bear metal as we don’t need the primer, paint in these areas acting like a wick, sucking the gas up under our nice new kustom paint job.

The three pictures below show you a very simple way to mask these areas off and the best part is the masking material used is as close as your mom’s or wife’s baking supply stash. Yes as you can see it’s the cup cake foil deals your mom or wife (husband maybe I guess) use to bake those great cup cakes in.

Simply double up a piece of masking take so both sides are sticky and put it on the bottom of the cup cake foil, insert it in the gauge, filler hole and it’s a done deal. Those areas are now masked off good enough to not allow paint to get where you don’t want it. Pretty silly but very effective and cheap, hope you find this helpful next time you are masking off a motorcycle tank.


motorcycle gas tank
motorcycle gas tank
motorcycle gas tank

I hope you found the above helpful and you can apply it to your next custom painting project. Please book mark this site and come back often as I will add more info as time allows. If you like this web site please check out our magazine as its your support for that which make this site possible.

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