Review Neo-Iwata BCN Airbrush

The Neo-BCN is Iwata economical line of double action airbrushes great for anyone who airbrushes just as a hobby once in a while. You will not even find these airbrushes listed on the Iwata-Medea web site..Anyway in this video I will introduce you to the Neo-BCN.

Neo CN, Gravity Feed — This airbrush features a 0.35 mm needle-and-nozzlecombination for finer detail spraying and medium-size spray patterns. It includes interchangeable large (1/3 oz or 9.9 ml) and medium (1/16 oz or 1.8 ml) cups that are designed with a funnel shape, allowing for easy cleanup and more efficient paint flow. The airbrush holds 1/32 oz (0.9 ml) of paint without a cup attached.

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