OK I want to learn to airbrush where do I start?

First thing is to determine exactly what it is you want to airbrush; auto art, motorcycles, T Shirts, crafts, models, fine art, finger nails, murals, helmets? With that determined you can set about researching airbrushes and related supplies for your chosen medium.

On this page AIRBRUSHES you will find basic information about airbrushes; on this page AIRBRUSH PAINT you will find basic information about airbrush paints.

I have another great resource I hope you will use in your research and that’s my AIRBRUSH PRODUCT REVIEW. Here you can read the product reviews of many different airbrushes, paint, airbrush related accessories posted by airbrush artist who actually use the products. Become an informed shopper and we’ll save yourself not only money but a potentially big headache if you purchase the wrong products.

For information regarding airbrush compressors check this page out COMPRESSORS FOR AIRBRUSHING

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