Paasche VL Airbrush

Passche VL airbrush is an overview of the double action Paasche VL airbrush for those folks who run into trouble putting the VL back together after taking it apart to clean it.

Airbrushs are easily taken apart but more often than not hard to get back together .Here’s how to get your VL back together. Thanks to Dr Doom for allowing me to use this VL he won in our tech tip contest on the airbrush forum.


Paasche VL airbrush

So you have taken your VL apart, cleaned it now its time to put it back together. Below is a picture of all the parts you have, hopefully. By now I hope you have learned not to take your airbrush apart over the sink, great way to loose parts.


Paasche VL parts
airbrush lube

Above: Its personal preference but I use the above all the the time in my airbrushs. You can purchase Spray Gun Lube in any good automotive paint store. I put a very thin ( THIN ) film on my every part before I put the airbrush back together.


needle support

1) First we will put the spring over the needle support.


needle adjusting sleeve over the spring

2) With the spring in place we will put the needle adjusting sleeve over the spring. Next we will take the locking nut and screw it onto the end of the needle support assembly.


needle housing assemble
VL trigger

3) Pictured above you can see on the inside of the airbrush the top of the valve plunger. This is where the piston on the trigger will fit into . The notch in the trigger shaft should be facing the front and back of the airbrush as that is where the needle will slide thorough . Also you can see the top of the rocker this will ride on the back of the trigger once its installed.


airbrush rocker arm

4) If the trigger is installed correctly when you push down on the trigger it should spring back up. The top of the rocker should be against the back of the trigger.


Paasche VL nozzle


Paasche VL tip or nozzle

5 ) Now we will install the tip. This tip happens to be a self aligning, floating style tip . An Iwata HP-C has a fixed tip that actually screws into the airbrush. The VL tip just sits there and is held in place by screwing the aircap body over it. For this we will turn the airbrush up , place the tip in place and screw on the aircap body.


airbrush tip and air cap

6 ) Once the aircap body is in place your airbrush should look like the above. You can see the tip sticks out of the aircap body a little. The aircap body I just hand tighten, you can use the small wrench Paasche provides with the airbrush but there is no need the crank down on the aircap body. Remember you will have to get it off someday .


Paasche VL air cap

7) Next we will screw the aircap onto the aircap body. Again hand tight is generally just fine.


installing the needle

8) Next we will install the needle. Make sure the locknut is backed off ( not tight ) and carefully insert the needle. Push the needle in until it seats in the tip, no need to apply pressure here just gentle push the needle in until it rest inside the tip.


stalling the back handle

Finally screw the back handle on and you are done and ready to start airbrushing.

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