Airbrush Equipement and Supplies

Airbrush equipement and supplies covers airbrush equipment and supplies for those new to airbrushing; an over view of airbrushes and compressors. My whole goal with this web site is to help you step in to the world of airbrushing and have a positive and fun experience. Please at least give … Continue reading

Airbrush Detail Trick

Airbrush Detail Trick Airbrush detail trick tutorial covers an old trick making it easier to airbrush fine detail, there are no short cuts the basics of airbrushing are still required to airbrush fine detail. There is no short cut your ability to airbrush fine lines; detail will come only thru … Continue reading

Airbrush Design Transfer Video

In this short Airbrush Beginners Tip video I’ll show you a way to quickly transfer your design onto your painting surface – helmet, motorcycle tank, fender, panel. We have already covered transfer tape in a prior Airbrush Beginners Tip Video and we’ll be using that on the painting surface in … Continue reading

Airbrush Compressor

Airbrush compressors what a maze of confusion there is when looking for a good reliable air source for airbrushing, kustom painting. The main object of of this tutorial will hopefully offer some clarity to the many options you have to choose from when purchasing a airbrush compressor. To start off … Continue reading

Airbrush Changing Colors

Airbrush changing colors will cover changing colors in your gravity feed or bottom feed airbrush covering both water based paint and solvent based paint. To those experienced with airbrushing technique this might be old hat but for those new it can be a perplexing situation when it comes to changing … Continue reading

Airbrush Basics

Airbrush basics for those new to airbrushing here is some essential information to help you get started in the right direction making your experiance a lot less frustrating. by Kevin Mayes For some time now, airbrush artists have had to gather their knowledge from any source available. Fortunately, there have been a … Continue reading

Airbrush Basic Lesson #1

This airbrush video covers Airbrush Basic Lesson #1 which includes reviewing types of paint you should use to learn. Using the correct paint during the learning to airbrush process will make your experiance a lot less frustrating and allow you to progress thru the lessons faster. We’ll also cover how a double … Continue reading

Airbrush A Star

  Airbrush a star tutorial we’ll be airbrushing a simple star and practicing airbrush dagger or rat tail strokes.These are the ame stars you see in a lot of airbrush t shirt designs. How simple can you get you ask? Well before you can create that great masterpiece, paint the … Continue reading