Motorcycle Half Helmet Prep Video

Motorcycle Half Helmet Prep Video covers the preparation of a motorcycle half helmet before you paint,  airbrushing it. The paint you apply to any hard surface be it metal, fiberglass, plastic will only be as good as what’s underneath it, the surface you are spraying it on. No matter weather it’s … Continue reading

Motorcycle Gas Tank Trick

Motorcycle gas tank trick tutorial covers a little trick for masking off the gas filler hole on a motorcycle tank when painting the tank. Written by Don Johnson brought to you by Airbrush Technique Magazine. Kustom painting for a living how much better can life get? Being able to work our … Continue reading

Monster Truck Mural

Monster truck mural tutorial covers  how I airbrushed the murals on the monster truck Bad News Travels Fast for the owners and Mattel Toys. Although I the article was originally published on 2005 the information, techniques used are still very relevant to today’s airbrushing and custom painting. This project was … Continue reading

Monster Truck Mural Video

Airbrushing murals on the Monster Truck Bad News Travels Fast truck. I really didn’t set out to make a video of this as I was really pushed for time to get this done. I put some clips I shot during the painting process and this video is the result.   … Continue reading

Mastering Airbrush Dagger Stroke Video

examples of dagger strokes Master Airbrush Dagger Stroke – Before you can custom paint, add art work to that Harley, hot rod, canvas, t-shirt, helmet you’ll need to master the basic’s of airbrushing. Mastering the airbrush dagger stroke is key to mastering those basics of airbrushing. The airbrush dagger stroke … Continue reading

Masking Helmet Trim

Masking helmet trim is always a pain to accomplish I’ve experimented with dozens of ways of dealing with helmet trim this is the way I’ve found works best. For high dollar helmet designs I more times than not remove the trim replacing it with new trim but for the average … Continue reading

Masking A Airbrush Design

Masking a airbrush design tutorial covers back masking tribal graphic’s on a Harley tank before painting. Brought to you by Airbrush Technique Magazine published monthly now!! Now, if you need to back mask your design and don’t know how to back mask “in place” you could be in for some … Continue reading

Making T Shirt Boards

Making T Shirt Boards There are many ways of making T Shirt boards in this tutorial I’ll show the way I’ve found worked best for me when I owned a T Shirt shop. Don What is a T Shirt board? For those of you who don’t know a T … Continue reading

Making Airbrush T Shirt Stencils

Making airbrush t shirt stencil tutorial covers materials used to make your own airbrush t shirt stencils and the techniques to go about making them. Airbrushing T Shirts is fun and can be very profitable as a hobby or a full time job. To make stencils for airbrush t shirts … Continue reading

Making Airbrush Stencil With Computer

By Brad DeLaTorre Supplies required: Computer, Printer, Scanner, X-acto Knife, Paper, Spray Adhesive, Clothes Pins, Double Action Airbrush, Createx Paint, Masking Tape First, I will scan a business card logo in order to crop and resize the image to fit perfectly on three hats I’m working on for a small business. … Continue reading