Review Clear Masking Material

Review clear masking materials is a little over view, product review of RBL clearing masking film and Artools Ultra clear masking film. Both can be used with solvent or water born,water based paints, Both have their advantages and are good products.


RBL– Clear, transparent, self-adhering film – easy to see through. Light and tacky adhesive – no adhesive transfer. Can draw, sketch, and letter directly on film. Repositionable for exact masking. Solvent resistant. Non-static. Cuts easily.

? Clear, transparent, self-adhering film – easy to see through
? Light, tacky adhesive – no adhesive transfer
? Can draw, sketch and letter directly on film
? Repositionable for exact masking
? Solvent resistant
? Non-static
? Cuts easily


Artools Ultra  Professional Masking Film For Airbrushing Graphics On Anything! The adhesive backing will not release and will stay on your painting, even when retouch lacquer is applied.

Tinted film for easy reference and workability

• Low tack WITH secure adhesive STRENGTH (SAFE FOR artwork)

• Maximum stretch for irregularly shaped surfaces


F-501 24” x 5 yds.

F-502 24” x 10 yds.

F-503 9” x 6.5 ft. Mini Series Roll

F-504 Sheets 9” x 11” Sheets (5 pack)

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