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Review clear masking material – I’ve been using Artools Hobby Masking a lot over the last year sense finding it in Hobby Lobby so I decided to give Stretch mask a try once again. I just happened to be working on a half helmet at the time which was ideal to give Stretch mask a try on. So here’s my little review of Stretch Mask:

Here’s the sales lecture on Stretchmask:

Stretchmask is a multi-medium, stretchable and flexible re positionable
masking film. It is especially suited to conform to curved and irregular
surfaces such as motorcycle tanks, helmets and automotive shapes for
painting. It is clear, thin film that cuts very easily with any brand of
art knife or single-edged razor and can be effortlessly manipulated and
repositioned with your artwork always in view.
• Medium-tack adhesion to non-porous surfaces
• Won’t wrinkle, bleed or flutter under airbrush spray• Won’t lift up paint when removed and/or repositioned• Solvent proof – Can be used with water-based and solvent-based paints.
Excellent for fine artists, auto graphics painters, sign painters, hobbyists, modelers, sculptors and general airbrushers.

Comes in the following sizes:
F-101 18” x 10 yds.
F-102 18” x 25 yds.
F-103 6” x 10 yds.


On this helmet I used House of Kolor Shimrin2 and saw no problems with using Stretch mask with solvent based paints. On a curved surface like this half helmet it took three pieces to cover the area you see masked above. Using three pieces allowed me to get the material to lay flat as possible on the surface without a bunch of wrinkles. By lifting a small section of the masking material and stretching it slightly, you can work many of the wrinkles out. This masking material is perfect in areas of a project you are back masking like I was on this helmet as it allows you to see your design thru the masking material.

You can not use a pencil to draw on this masking material but a pen or marker will work. I found it to cut easy and leave very nice clean edges. During the painting process I had no problems with the edge of the masking lifting allowing paint where I didn’t want it.

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