Trouble Shooting Spray Guns

Trouble shooting spray guns tutorial covers the many different types of spray guns that are used for a variety of purposes, many times the problems that they have are similar in many ways. I have compiled this troubleshooter guide from spray gun manufacturers, my experience, qualified Spraygun repairmen, and many other resources.

by Gary Kinsey

R&E Paint Supply Sales Rep.All Paint guns are not created equal. There are many different types of Spray guns that are used for a variety of purposes. However, many times the problems that they have are similar in many ways.Spray gun Troubleshooter Guide 

Problem:Very little or no material coming out nozzle&lt

Out of Paint
Material too Thick.
Nozzle plugged.
Vacuum Locked
Gun excessively dirty

Refill Cup
Check with Paint Mfgr. for mixing recommendations
Remove nozzle from gun and blow air from the front of nozzle with a blowgun.
Make sure vent holes are not clogged.
Use plenty of the appropriate gun wash and clean thoroughly.

Paint leaks from front of gun even after I release the trigger.

Needle or Nozzle worn out.
Needle Sticking.
Improper Needle size for the nozzle in gun.
Loose nozzle.
Loose needle packing.
Needle not seating properly.

Inspect and replace as necessary
Lubricate needle packing with appropriate gun lube. Loosen packing nut slightly.
Replace with correct size needle.
Tighten with appropriate nozzle wrench.
Tighten packing nut. (Don’t over tighten)
May be debris in nozzle to prevent proper seat. Disassemble and clean carefully. (toothpicks work well)

Paint leaking from packing nut

Loose needle packing.
Tighten packing nut. (Don’t over-tighten)Problem:Poor spray patternCause:Air passages in air cap are clogged.
Nozzle is partially clogged.
Damaged nozzle or needle.
Pattern control out of adjustment.
Paint too thick or thin.

Remedy:Remove air cap and soak in appropriate gun wash and clean thoroughly.
Remove nozzle from gun and blow air from the front of nozzle with a blowgun.
Replace damaged part.
Adjust pattern control knob.
Refer to paint Mfgr. for mixing recommendations.

Pattern off center; heavy to one side.Cause:

Air passages in air cap clogged.
Gun not perpendicular to surface.
Damaged air cap.

Remove air cap and soak in appropriate gun wash and clean thoroughly
Position gun perpendicular to surface being sprayed.
Replace air cap.

Excessive over sprayCause: Gun positioned too far from object being sprayed. Air pressure too high.

Move in closer to object. 8-10 inches for a gravity feed gun and 10-12 inches for siphon feed gun are the recommendations of most Gun Mfgrs.
Adjust pressure according to Gun Mfgr. specs.

Problem:Good Spray Pattern but gun is pulsating the spray.Cause:Gun is sucking air around the cup gasket. (siphon feed)
Fluid nozzle loose.
Fluid nozzle not sealing correctly.

Remedy:Replace cup gasket.
Tighten with appropriate nozzle wrench.
Remove nozzle and using Teflon tape wrap the threads that tighten into the gun body and replace and tighten with appropriate wrench.

Problem: Fan pattern won’t widen and fan control doesn’t seem to work.Cause:Internally dirty gun.
Damage to the air cap. (caused by dropping the gun)
Damaged fluid nozzle. (Caused by using incorrect wrench)Remedy:Disassemble gun completely and soak all metal parts in appropriate gun wash.
Replace air cap.
Replace fluid nozzle.

Spray guns problems, solutions is brought to you compliments of
R & E Paint Supply
Author Bio:Gary Kinsey has been a salesman for R&E Paint Supply for the last 12 years.
He has a very proficient knowledge of the PBE industry and is a well trained
customer service representative.

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